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Normally $795.00 - Now Just $495.00 for next 10 drivers to sign up !!

Welcome to DRIVE A DRAGSTER website. We are the only place where you can schedule to drive a real Nostalgia Front Engine Dragster. Check our schedule of open dates for 2013 available for you to register to get in and drive. Our injected small block Ford demo car is ready for action !!

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Car pictured is our driveadragster demo car which currently has a Hilborn Injected small block Ford for power


Two years ago we came up with the idea of getting more people involved in the hobby of driving a SlingShot Dragster. From the sensation of a motor in front of you, open cockpit, to the tires spinning beside you - there is no other rush like it. We wanted more racers to experience the thrill of racing a digger. We manufacturer and sell SlingShot Dragster Chassis kits and are using this demo car as a way of letting a prospective customer see if he or she likes the front engine dragster format BEFORE they commit to the purchase. If the driver does decide to purchase a chassis kit they will receive a $200.00 credit toward the chassis after completing the driver school. Plans are for drivers to show up on their scheduled day with an approved helmet and driver suit. (We do not provide driving suits or helmets to keep cost down). Drivers will be limited to three drivers for the day. All drivers will go through an orientation class to familiarize them with the controls and rules. Each driver will then suit up and we will take them to the line with the dragster. After strapping them in, we  will instruct them to fire up the car and stage. A short run with no burnout for the first run to get used to the car and the track is in order and we will go through all the drivers present for the day. After a short review and questions we will again have the drivers suit up for the second run. For the second run, you will be instructed to do a burnout to the staging area. After staging, the second run will be a half pass, clicking off to be sure you are in total control... and to catch your breathe. After all drivers complete their second run we will again have a time for discussion and questions. The third and final run will be a full burnout followed by a full 1/8 mile pass at speeds over 100 mph and times in the low to mid 6 second range. The sesations you will experience will be the most incredible time you can have in a racecar.


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